When going through a separation or divorce, custody and visitation can be the most painful part. Jacobson Family Law is here to walk you through it and advocate for you and your child(ren) to ensure the least amount of pain and stress. 

There are two types of custody: physical and legal. 

  • Physical custody refers to where the child is physically residing on a day-to-day basis.  The general consensus of the experts is that the more time a child spends with both of his or her parents the better off that child will do as an adult.  Therefore, absent extreme circumstances, the child will spend time with both of the parents.
  • Legal custody refers to which parent will be responsible for making the important decisions in the child’s life.  These decisions include, but are not limited to, education, medical treatment and religion. When making a custody determination, Maryland courts use the “best interest” of the child standard. There are several different factors the court must take into consideration when making these determinations: 
    • Fitness of the parents
    • Character and reputation of the parents
    • Willingness of each parent to share custody
    • Relationship between the child and each parent
    • Potential disruption of the child's social and school life
    • Geographic proximity of parents' homes
    • Desire of the natural parents and the terms of any agreements between them
    • The likelihood of maintaining natural family relations
    • The preference of a child when the child is of sufficient age and capacity to make rational judgements
    • Opportunities affecting the future life of the child
    • Age, health and gender of the child
    • Suitability of the homes of the parents and whether a non-custodial parent will have adequate opportunities for visitation
    • Length of time of any separation between a child and natural parent
    • Effect of any prior voluntary abandonment of the child
    • Demands of each parent's employment
    • Financial status of each parent

An attorney at Jacobson Family Law will work with you to determine the custody arrangement that is in your child best interest and that of your family. Schedule an appointment today for your initial consultation.